Online master’s degree without a bachelor’s degree: Your Master’s for Professionals


Get your degree – with our Master’s for Professionals

You have achieved a lot professionally. Now you want to prove to yourself: You can do even more! As an experienced manager or expert, we offer you the opportunity to complete a master's degree – even without having a bachelor's degree. In our online study programme, you can choose from master's and MBA programmes in seven subject areas, including business and management, health and social affairs or IT and technology. 

Admission without a bachelor’s degree

Qualify for your preferred study programme – through longstanding professional experience and by passing our entrance exam. 

Combining work & studies

We offer you a study programme which you can adapt to your busy lifestyle thanks to maximum flexibility. 


We stand for innovative education – state-approved and accredited.  


Your Master’s for Professionals takes you to the next level

Boost your career
You improve your career opportunities to take on even more responsibility. 


Get a raise
You might qualify for a raise in your old job or score a new one with higher pay*.

Accept new challenges
You qualify for new tasks in your profession or any field where your technical and leadership expertise is in demand. 


Grow personally and professionally
You gain practical knowledge and also develop yourself personally.

*Source: Graduates’ survey 2021


Admission requirements for your online studies master’s programme without a bachelor’s degree

  • 1. Standard admission requirements

    - A levels/ vocational diploma or 
    Completed vocational training of at least 2 years (DQR* level 4) relevant to your preferred study programme and 

    - Master craftsman’s certificate / advanced training relevant to your preferred study programme (at least DQR level 6) 

  • 2. Professional experience

    - At least 10 years of professional experience relevant to your preferred study programme, including at least 6 years in a leading or expert role (at least level DQR 6*) 

  • 3. Master’s entrance exam

    The master’s entrance exam at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) consists of two parts: 

    - Term paper (approx. 40 pages), allotted time: 12 weeks (fulltime)  

    - Oral exam (30 minutes)

*One-time fee for master’s entrance exam: 500€ (includes the course "Academic Work"). The entrance exam must be taken at IU. If you start your master’s programme at IU on the basis of this exam, you cannot change to another university to continue your programme. 


Starting your Master’s for Professionals in 5 steps

Complete application

Simply apply online for your preferred study programme. You will receive an e-mail with your login data for the online campus and access to the course “Academic work”. 

Submit documents

Please submit your documents as soon as possible. Once we have received them, we will review whether your qualifications match the admission requirements. If they do, you will be admitted to the master’s entrance exam

Take master’s entrance exam

Next, you need to take the master’s entrance exam. If you pass, we can complete your enrolment

Receive admission letter

Once we have enrolled you, your study contract becomes legally binding and you will receive your admission letter

Start your online studies

You will receive an E-Mail with the login details for the online campus as well as a tutorial on how to get started. You can start studying right away! 

Study Programmes

Find your preferred study programme

Your Master’s for Professionals offers you access to a selection of 60, 90 or 120 ECTS programmes. Depending on your time model and master’s or MBA programme, the tuition fees start at 306€ a month and with a duration ranging from 12 to 36 months. You can be admitted for the following areas of study:

Health & Social Affairs
Business & Management
Data & IT
Marketing & Communication
Human Resources & Law
Pedagogy & Psychology
Architecture & Construction

You want to try us out? Go for it!

Take your time to figure out whether the IU online study programme is right for you: We offer you the chance to try out our entire course range for four weeks, free of charge and without commitment. 

Simply register online for your desired study programme.


Master’s for Professionals: Your questions answered

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