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Become an academic – with your online study programme in Austria

Studying online at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) means choosing a study concept that gives you freedom – the freedom to make your dream of growth come true without compromise . There’s no need to move or make your life fit predetermined structures. 

We really want to get you ahead – no matter whether you live in the countryside or in the middle of the city, whether you’re working or travelling, taking care of a family or focusing on yourself. Our online study programme is an academic education that is state-approved and accessible from anywhere. For you and your goals.

6 reasons for choosing our online study programmes in Austria


We stand for high-level education across borders – state-approved, accredited and multi-award-winning.

Innovative study concept

Use our digital, innovative tools to study whenever, wherever and however you feel like.

Flexible time models

Benefit from our selection of full- and part-time models – including semesters of leave and free extension.

Study without your Matura

You can also qualify thanks to your vocational training or professional experience.

Austrian study contents

In many study programmes, we offer you courses in accordance with Austrian law.

Save time & money

Get prior experience recognised, for example your vocational training, university courses or professional experience.

Start your online study programme – with or without your Matura

Requirements for your online bachelor’s programme in Austria 

  • Matura or 

  • Master craftsman’s certificate 

  • (vocational) diploma or 

  • At least two years of vocational training followed by at least 3 years of full-time professional experience*

Requirements for your online master’s degree in Austria 

  • Completed undergraduate degree (at least 180 ECTS) from a state-approved university / university of applied sciences 

  • Final grade: at least “satisfactory” 

  • Additional requirements depending on the master’s programme 

* Depending on what you want to study and what your vocational training and professional experience focused on, you can start a trial study phase or deliver other proof of your aptitude.

Master’s for people with professional experience

Don’t have a bachelor’s degree, but do have many years of experience as a manager or expert? This is your chance to get a master’s degree – even without an undergraduate degree.


Is your online degree recognised in Austria?

Lina – student of psychology (B.A.) in Austria

“My studies are flexible, I get to study at my own pace and according to my own needs. With my degree from IU, I can do a postgraduate degree in Austria and complete my preparatory course, the so-called Propädeutikum.”

Invest in your future

Getting a degree is worth it – professionally, personally and financially. So you can find your way, we have collected some financial tips for students in Austria:

  • Employer support: By filling in this form for cost absorption, your employer can contribute to paying for your tuition fees. 

  • Educational leave: If you are on educational leave, you may qualify for further training benefits. Find out more here

  • Educational part-time: Also referred to as “Bildungsteilzeit”. In this model, you reduce your working hours and receive wage-replacement benefits instead. Find out more here

  • Tax deductability: If you are employed, you can get back part of your tuition fees by declaring them on your tax return.  

  • IU scholarship: Each month, we hand out four 50% scholarships. Take your shot and apply for one of our scholarships for people with disabilities, women in tech, single parents or career changers. 

Perfectly prepared for the Austrian job market

In some study programmes, we offer courses that specifically prepare you for the Austrian job market*. These include: 

  • Einführung in das österreichische Privatrecht     

  • Das österreichische Unternehmensgesetzbuch     

  • Das österreichische Unternehmensrecht     

  • Buchhaltung und Bilanzierung in Österreich     

  • Unternehmenssteuern und -abgaben in Österreich 

* You can check the module handbook to see whether your preferred study programme includes these courses. If it doesn’t, you can complete them as extracurricular courses. 

We are here for you

Do you need help with your decision? Your personal study advisor is happy to help you!

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