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General information

The most frequently asked questions about studying online

How does online study at IU work?
Can I test your online study programme and how do I cancel it if I don't like it?
Can I manage to complete my distance learning on the side? How long will it take me to graduate?
Are there any classroom events that I have to attend?
What sets IU online studies apart from other online study programmes?
How do I enrol and when can I start my studies?
What proof do I have to submit when enrolling for a Bachelor's study programme?
Can I enrol for a Bachelor's programme at IU without a university entrance qualification?
Which certificates do I have to submit for enrolment in a Master's programme?
Can I continue my studies at IU after forced ex-matriculation or dropping out?
What technical requirements do I have to fulfil in order to use the online campus?
What IT and system equipment do I need for this?
What are my job prospects after completing your distance learning at IU?
Can I qualify for a master’s programme at IU without an undergraduate degree?
What does ECTS stand for?
Who receives a free iPad?
Which learning tools do I need to install on the iPad?
Is the iPad mine?
Can I also receive a reduction in tuition costs instead of the iPad?

Free trial? Let’s go!

You can try out your study programme for four weeks – no commitment. The fees for this period only apply if you decide to continue your studies with us.

Simply register online for your desired programme.


This is how my exams work

Where do the exams take place?
How do I register for an online exam?
How do I register for an on-site examination?
How long does an exam take?
How often can I repeat an exam?
When and how often do exams take place?
How and when will I receive the results of my exam?
Study plan

My study programme

Do I get a student ID card?
Do I have the option of taking a break from my online study programme or taking a semester off?
I can't complete my online study programme within the standard period of study. What can I do?

Recognition of my previous achievements

I have already completed a university degree. Will my previous work be recognised?
What does the recognition of my previous achievements bring me?
Which previous achievements are recognised by IU?
What is the procedure for the examination for the recognition of prior learning at IU?
What is the maximum number of ECTS credits I can be awarded?
Can/should I enrol in all courses when I start my studies?

My financing options

How can I finance my online study programme at IU?
How much are the tuition fees?
Can I deduct the costs of my online study programme from my taxes?
Can I pay the tuition fees in instalments?
When will my tuition fees be collected by IU?
What makes me eligible for BAföG?

Financing and savings tips

We show you how you can reduce the costs of your studies and introduce you to various financing options.


You want to try us out? Go for it!

We give you time to check at your leisure whether the IU online study programme is right for you: That's why we offer you the chance to try out our entire range of courses for four weeks, free of charge and without obligation.

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At a glance: My glossary for studying

What does ECTS actually stand for and what is actually behind the term BAföG? Find the explanation to important terms around your distance learning here.

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