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Studying alongside your job? You can do it!

Our students save lives, care for people in need and make it in renowned companies. All while working 40+ hours a week alongside their studies. Madness! Working full time and studying at the same time is a real challenge. It’s a good thing our students are so flexible: they get to study in a way that fits their everyday life.


Online student in Social Work

Recent years prompted me to rethink my life for various reasons and after long discussions with my wife and children, I decided to make a fresh start. I decided to pursue my distance learning on a part-time basis. And I now have a new job in a facility for the resocialisation of released prisoners and others in need of help.

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Online student in Social Work

Besides my job for the charitable association Caritas, where I run the emergency assistance operation for Augsburg's main railway station together with my colleagues from Diakonie, I am in my sixth semester. I am grateful for the high degree of flexibility in studying, especially in terms of online exams: I can take my exam in the middle of the night if I feel ready.

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Your digital lecture hall: always by your side

Follow the urge for adventure, travel to foreign countries: Many of us just do it, some have it firmly on their agenda. If it weren't for professional ambitions. But how do you breeze around the world and advance your career at the same time? Some of our students have taken the plunge: With the lecture hall in their luggage, they learn on lonely Caribbean beaches, under the Mediterranean sun or on a road trip through the vastness of Canada. No problem!


Online student in business psychology

We are currently travelling through California. So it is and remains an exciting journey – and my IU distance learning are always along for the ride. My magic word: Routine. After I finish my morning routine, I always sit down at my desk and start learning with the Pomodoro technique, a productivity and time management method based on working in small intervals.

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Online student in Digital Business

What I particularly like about Panama is the sea and the beach. Getting up in the morning, seeing the sun and walking on the beach – I couldn't ask for anything better! I am grateful that, through IU, I got the chance to further my education and at the same time realise my dream of living in Panama.

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Online student in Nutritional Sciences

I currently live and study in Priština, the capital of Kosovo. Since I travel a lot, all over Kosovo and Albania, my distance learning are always with me. I like the simplicity in things and the way of life, the peace and serenity of this region and its inhabitants. Here I find the seclusion and time I need for my studies.

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First story time, then the online seminar. No problem.

Parenthood turns our everyday lives upside down, no question about it. And yet! Even with children, we can take new paths in life. Studying online is a chance for many of our student parents to develop their skills. Between changing nappies, sandpit sessions and Pippi Longstocking readings, it's not so bad studying ...


Online student in Health Management

I decided to study online because I wanted to develop professionally and at the same time have enough time for my family and job. It was important to me to be completely flexible and not tied to the lecture times of a university. This is because, as a mother, you have to expect surprises and a restructuring of everyday life at any time.

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Online student in Business Administration

It's not always easy to reconcile family, studies and work. But good planning and the flexibility afforded by IU make it possible. When learning, I myself use the classic flashcard, which I always have with me. So it can also be the case that I study for ten minutes in the open-air swimming pool while the kids are eating an ice cream, or in the waiting room at the paediatrician's while my child plays with building blocks

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Online student in Social Work

I want to reach people, make a difference, pass something on. Being considerate of others' needs and natural boundaries, building a secure bond with people and allowing closeness – that's what I wish for the world! I am sure that an online study programme is exactly the right way to further qualify myself in the educational and social field and not neglect my family in the process.

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You are unique. We promote what makes you stand out.

Women's power and the courage to be "different"! That is what we stand for. With our "Women in Tech" scholarship and "Diversity Charter", we stand up for inclusion, integration and emancipation and promote a prejudice-free corporate culture. That is why we award scholarships exclusively to women in technology-oriented online study programmes. And our students prove every day anew that women can do technology.


Online student pursuing a Master of Business Administration

I'm Lisanne, 26 years old, and I live, work and study on the water – on a German inland vessel to be precise. On board, studying for an MBA works out wonderfully for me, as I can organise my time relatively freely and, alongside my practical training on the ship or running household needs, I can pursue my job as ship's wife/matron and head of the galley.

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Partial scholarship holder Women in Tech in architecture

No matter where you come from, where you live or how much you earn: Education should be accessible to all. I am Yasodara, originally from Sri Lanka and I live in the countryside in Austria. I have been studying architecture in the Bachelor's programme since February 2020. Through my distance learning at IU, I can finally live my dream.

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Full scholarship holder "Women in Tech" in Business Informatics

I came across the scholarship and it was clear to me: If they accept me, I could quit without having to deal with the extra financial burden. I also believe that the gender balance in tech should be more even – and I want to be a part of that movement. It doesn't take any extraordinary qualities to be a successful "Women in Tech" – just a little effort.

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Equal opportunities for all.

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has been in force since 2008 – ratified by several states, it is a historic milestone. Enabling people with disabilities to have equal professional opportunities is our goal. Studying 100% digitally is simply a lot more accessible. Let our students tell you about inclusion efforts at IU. 


Online student in Social Work

I am Felicia and I suffer from a rare genetic defect called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, with symptoms like massive joint pain and difficulty with certain movements. Especially because the effects of my health problems fluctuate, the possibility of being able to sit an exam within the next 24 hours is extremely valuable and relieving for me. There is even an inclusion and diversity course at IU.

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Online student in Business Administration

"Know your enemies" – multiple sclerosis is the name of my enemy and we have already fought a battle or two. But it's clear to me that the only thing I'll be holding up at some point is not a white flag, but my Bachelor's thesis! The distance learning programme at IU fits my needs perfectly because of its flexibility.

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Online student in Social Work

I have been visually impaired since early childhood due to a rheumatic disease and blind since the age of 15. Studying online is an ideal alternative, especially for people with impairments and chronic illnesses: Learning phases, breaks and learning workload can be arranged freely and according to individual needs.

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Bachelor graduate in Social Work

In the voluntary online counselling for young people at "Beratung4Kids", I specialised in counselling girls and young women. That’s how I discovered my interest in working with women and got involved with feminist counselling. I finally managed to change to an autonomous women's shelter in the role of a social educational specialist through my studies.

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Bachelor graduate in Business Administration

At Microsoft, I am now mainly responsible for the onboarding of new employees in Germany – which means I have the honour of inspiring the new "Microsofties" with our great company values and culture from day one. The fact that I was able to switch from the tourism industry to the HR sector is also thanks to my business studies.

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Bachelor graduate in Business Law

“I’ll never make it! This sentence kept going through my head in 2017, when I was in the middle of my studies alongside organising my wedding, children and job. Thanks to good organisation, the necessary self-discipline and the support of my family, I successfully completed my studies. Today, I'm a Human Resources Management specialist at BMW – a great job that I got not least because of my degree.

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