A brighter future. For you and all of us.

Doing more: Our initiatives for a better future

Education is the key: To a better life. More freedom. To becoming yourself. We want to make sure you have this key. That’s why we want to enable as many people as possible to access education, even under difficult circumstances – for example through scholarships or non-profit initiatives. 

Part of a better future is preserving our planet. That’s why we make your studies at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) as climate-neutral as possible and support projects that compensate CO2 emissions

Let us be optimistic when looking into the future – together! 

You count: IU scholarships for equal opportunity Y

ou should be able to study whatever you want. That’s why we award four 50% scholarships each month to people in extraordinary circumstances. 

People with disabilities

Women in Tech

Single parents

Career changers

This helps us promote diversity at our institution: In 2019, we signed the diversity charta and apply its principles to our student body as well as our employees. 

"Thanks to my IU “Women in Tech” scholarship, I have the opportunity to be one of the ambitious women who carve out their path in the tech sector."


“Women in Tech” scholarship holder and student of Architecture

Sustainable development through education: The Study Access Alliance in Africa

t’s only a brighter future if we’re all part of it. But many people in Africa still can’t afford to go to university. Our non-profit initiative “Study Access Alliance” helps them access education, accompanies students throughout their studies and facilitates entry into the job market

100.000 full scholarships

We award scholarships for online bachelor’s and master’s programmes at IU – especially to women in order to close the gender gap at universities.

Student support programme

Here, the students learn about digital study methods, empowerment, entrepreneurship, soft skills and shaping a career.

Connections to the job market

In our partner companies, students can put their skills to use before and after graduating.

The IU Study Access Alliance directly supports six of the “Sustainable Development Goals” of the UN – including quality education, good jobs and economic growth as well as less inequality


Reduce costs and get financial support: In this session, you will find out more about financial benefits and IU scholarships, recognition of prior achievements, BAföG and more.

Please note: At the moment we offer info sessions in German only.

A symbol of openness, diversity, and democracy

We stand for an open-minded and diverse Thuringia: Together with more than 6,000 other supporters, the IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) based in Thuringia is committed to the #thueringenweltoffen initiative. Respect for human dignity and indivisible human rights is the basis for fair development and social participation for us. We wish for a country in which all people in their diversity are accepted and welcomed.

Your path into the future is climate neutral

We can only change a world that still exists. That’s why we want your path into the future to be as climate neutral as possible: We support recognised projects for climate protection to compensate our CO2 emissions

Kariba Forest Protection

Home to many species: The Kariba Projects protects around 785.000 hectares of forest on the south bank of the Kariba lake on the border of Simbabwe and Sambia. 

Lacandón - Forest for Life

Against deforestation: This project prevents illegal woodlogging and ensures sustainable forest management in Lacanón rainforest in Mexico and Guatemala. 

Topaiyo Forest Conservation

Papua New Guinea: This project protects the rainforest in the Hans Meyer mountains and supports local communities. 

Sustainability in your studies

Enrol to protect insects. For every fifth person who enrols, we sponsor one square metre of meadow for bees at the Bienenweide e. V. to protect valuable habitat for insects. 

Use digital scripts. If you decide against a printed script, we will plant trees for you in collaboration with the initiative of Grow my Tree. 

Sustainability on the curriculum. Some study programmes, such as Tourism, approach sustainable topics. This includes modules such as Sustainability Management, Sustainability in Hospitality or projects such as reforestation in Kenia. 

Climate neutrality badge

The IU study programmes are climate neutral: We compensate CO2 emissions by supporting the aforementioned projects and initiatives. For our efforts, we have received the TÜV badge for climate neutrality. Because we care about climate protection not only today, but also in the future. 

We are here for you

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