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Education for everyone! That’s our motto. Equality, diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA. That’s why each month, we award four 50%-scholarships to people who inspire us and want to enroll at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU). There’s many paths to education, but they have one idea in common: everything is possible.  

The benefits: 

  • Your tuition fees are reduced for the entire duration of your studies 

  • We support special educational paths: financially, practically and in a scientific context 

  • Accessible, personalised studying with maximum flexibility is possible at any time 

Take your shot and apply for one of our scholarships for: 

People with disabilities, women in tech, single parents or career changers. 

Scholarship for people with disabilities

If your health is impaired, you are facing many challenges every day. To get you one big step closer to your goal of a degree, we want to offer you financial support! 

Requirements: You must be able to deliver proof of continuing health impairment. 

In addition, you submit an up-to-date certificate of impairment (medical certificate or pass for severe handicaps).

Scholarship for Women in Tech

Women who want to study MINT-subjects (subjects from the area of mathematics, IT or technology): You want to take on this male-dominated industry with your tech skills? We’ve got your back – with our women in tech scholarship!  

Requirements: You are applying for one of our bachelor’s or master’s programmes in the area of IT & technology. 

In addition, you submit a letter of motivation detailing your motivation for working in this field.

Scholarship for single parents

If you are completing a degree as a single parent, you are truly inspiring: You are not only taking care of your future, but of your child’s future as well. We want to honour this extraordinary effort by supporting you financially with our scholarship for single parents. 

Requirements: You are a single parent with sole or shared custody and your offspring lives with you? Then we look forward to receiving your application!

Scholarship for career changers

You want to change careers or start over completely? There’s nothing to lose: You’re never too old for education – even if you don’t qualify for BAföG anymore! To reward your courage, we support you with our scholarship for career changers. 

Requirements: Outline the reasons for your career change in your letter of motivation, which goals you are pursuing and why we should support you. We are looking forward to hearing your story!

1. Complete application form

Fill out our scholarship application form, selecting your desired course of study. Ready to get started?

2. Upload documents

Once you have submitted your application form, you can upload your documents. This is what we need: CV, proof of university entrance qualification

3. Receive your letter of acceptance

We will contact you approximately in the middle of the month following your application. If you are awarded the 50% scholarship, you can apply online for your study programme straight away.

4. Activate your scholarship

Please apply for your study programme within 6 weeks. 50% of your tuition fees will be immediately subtracted during your online application. You will receive all necessary information in your acceptance email.

5. Sign your contract

Please sign your study contract within 6 weeks. Take note that your claim to this scholarship expires, if you do not meet this deadline. However, you can select a later date for actually starting your studies.

6. Start your studies

With the start of your contract, you receive access to everything and all the information you need to get started. If you have questions concerning your studies, we are here for you. Ready? We wish you all the best on your journey!

Scholarship checklist:

The facts.  

Here are all the requirements you need to start your application as soon as possible:  

You fulfill the following requirements: 

  • You want to start an online study programme or a myStudies programme 

  • You fulfill all the requirements for your preferred scholarship as detailed in the overview 

  • You have not applied for an IU scholarship before 

  • You have a university entrance qualification 

We will need the following documents: 

  • CV and university entrance qualification 

Your upgrading scholarship for experienced professionals

The upgrading scholarship for experienced professionals is aimed at skilled workers with a completed vocational training and several years of practical experience. It supports your first academic degree at a state or state-recognized university. 

Characteristics: We focus on your performance in your vocational training and at work rather than on school grades. Applications from professionals over the age of 30 are also welcome. You can submit your application from before the start of your studies until the end of your second semester. 

Scholarship holders in part-time degree programmes receive a funding of 2,900 euros per calendar year regardless of income. 

Application period: There are two selection processes each year, during which the online application is open for several weeks. Details on the application periods can be found here.

To apply for the scholarship in a few steps:

1. Online application

Apply for the upgrading scholarship via www.sbb-stipendien.de/aufstiegsstipendium. Your eligibility for a scholarship will be reviewed.

2. Skill check

After successful online application, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to complete a questionnaire to review your skills. An expert team will then evaluate it.

3. Interview and funding

If you are among the top candidates in the competence check, you may be invited to an interview. Based on this interview, the jury will decide whether or not to grant you a scholarship.

Application for your Germany Scholarship

Are you committed and like to score highly with good performance? Then apply for a scholarship with Deutschlandstipendium. If you would like to start your studies at IU in a semester following your application, funding through the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship programme is possible, in principle. Even if it is a second, supplementary or Master's degree. The only important point is that you are enrolled as a student at IU during the funding period. For the summer semester 2021, the IU awarded a total of 94 scholarships to students from all study models.

Application period winter semester: 01.06. - 31.07. of the respective year
Application period summer semester: 01.12. - 31.01. of the respective year

Please note that we cannot consider applications outside this period. The start date for the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship programme is always 1 April or 1 October.

How to apply for a scholarship:

1. Submit documents

Submit your complete application at bewerbung.dstip.de/iu. Note: The link is only valid within the application phase. Prior registration is necessary for the application.

2. Approval

You will be informed by e-mail whether your application was successful. If you are shortlisted, we require certificates and translations by post in officially certified form, if you have not already submitted these at the time of enrolment.

3. Funding

Funding always begins on 01 April or 01 October.

You can try out your study programme for one month – no commitment. The fees for this period only apply if you decide to continue your studies with us.

Government and private funding initiatives

Take the chance and apply for the programmes of non-profit organisations that offer scholarships for gifted students or individuals with special needs.

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You have questions about student financing?

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