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Your bachelor’s degree in software development qualifies you for one of the ten most sought-after professions in the world – across all industries!

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Apps for your smartphone, traffic light control or a complex ERP system: a lot of processes in economy and society run on software systems. According to the World Economic Forum, concepts such as cloud computing, big data analysis, internet of things, IT security, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and virtual reality will shape our future – all topics in which you can specialise during your online study programme in software development. You will gain skills in programming and software engineering that qualify you for key positions in the IT industry. To prepare for the international market, you can choose the English-language curriculum.

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Overview Your degree summed up
  • Study programme & degree
    Bachelor of Science (BSc) 180 ECTS
    Full-time or part-time, 100% flexible
  • Application & starting date
    Start immediately or anytime
    Online application, no application deadlines
  • Study duration & extension
    36-72 months, depending on model
    Extension possible free of charge
  • Locations
    Study programme independent of time & place
    No mandatory attendance
    Innovative study tools available on online-campus & in the IU Learn App
    Exams online or at nearest examination centre
  • Study fees
    Starting at 209€/month, depending on model
    Regular discount campaigns
  • Recognition & Approval
    Study program is state-approved, accredited & internationally renowned
    180 ECTS - English
    AR-Siegel, ZFU 1134022
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Availability of modules for new degree programmes

In developing our course content, we pursue the goal of meeting the highest level of scientific and academic topicality while making our modules practice-oriented. Therefore, at the beginning of a new degree programme, some modules are still under development: These become available according to the semester planning of the curriculum. Nothing stands in the way of you starting your degree programme at the earliest possible date!


Online study programme Software Development: Your courses

The compulsory subjects of your bachelor’s degree are divided into three areas: software engineering (e.g. requirements engineering, IT architecture management, IT service management, data privacy and data security), programming and technological skills (e.g. programming websites and web-based information systems, data modelling and database systems, app development or cloud programming) as well as methodical expertise (e.g. IT project management or techniques and methods of agile software development). Your elective subjects allow you to specialise in subjects such as AI specialist, AR/VR developer or Internet of Things.

Practical relevance in your online study programme Software Development

Each semester, you are made familiar with a new type of technology. You will practice using this technology in a practical project. In comparison to related study programmes, such as computer science, your online studies in Software Development deal with practically relevant topics more in depth. This includes cloud computing, IT infrastructure and DevOps, among others. Your degree prepares you for a wide range of areas, including AI/data science, VR/AR or Industry 4.0.

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Personal counselling
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100% Flexible

Flexible, interactive, practically oriented: your online studies

  • Whether you’re studying full-time, alongside your job, abroad or as a parent: your online studies adapt to your life. You study online and 100% flexibly – from the first day of class right up to your exam.
  • Thanks to our online campus, our innovative study app IU Learn and our virtual classes, you can fit your studies right into your daily life.
  • You even get to choose how to sit your exams: online 24/7 on 365 days a year or simply on location.
  • Connect with other students or your lecturers at any time: via the online campus, MS Teams, E-Mail or in interactive virtual classes.

Your professional future in software development

Completing your bachelor’s degree in Software Development gives you excellent career perspectives with lucrative promotion opportunities to management positions. You can work as …

JavaScript Developer

As a JavaScript developer, you are the expert who takes care of JavaScript applications in your company. You are largely responsible for programming websites. In addition, you are in charge of backend architecture as well as the implementation of interactive applications in order to create an intuitive interface for users.

Frontend Engineer

If you have comprehensive knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can build a career as a frontend engineer. In this position, you specialize in the development of user interfaces. You make sure there are no security loopholes. In addition, it is your job to make the programming code as clear as possible so you can create functional software.

Backend developer

As a backend developer, you design complex background processes and make sure everything runs smoothly. Your work focuses on the development of software on the server side with no graphic user interface. In addition, you are in charge of conceptualization, implementation and maintenance of software systems or applications.

Tuition fees

Study model and prices for the Bachelor's online study programme in Software Development

Depending on your personal or professional situation, full-time study is not always easy to manage. That is why we have also developed part-time programmes for all our degrees, which offer flexible and longer study periods. This way, you can study alongside your job or during your time off, whether at home or abroad. The content of the different models is identical. Depending on the study model, we will adjust your tuition fees accordingly. With the part-time variants, your weekly study workload is reduced.

Can't finish your degree in the allotted time? No problem! We will develop the right study model for everyone. If you realise that you need more time, you can easily switch to another study model with three months’ notice before the end of the month. These are our different study models:

Only until 06.10.2022


Duration 36 Months

Perfect for students who want to hit the ground running and shorten the period of study by increasing their studying pace.

348€ /mtl 369€ Enrol by October 6th using the code MUTIGSEIN22, save 1.444€ & get a free iPad.  Apply now
Only until 06.10.2022

Part-Time I

Duration 48 Months

Excellent for talented all-rounders who want to give their studies everything they’ve got while holding down a job and keeping down their monthly costs at the same time.

303€ /mtl 319€ Enrol by October 6th using the code MUTIGSEIN22, save 1.444€ & get a free iPad.  Apply now
Only until 06.10.2022

Part-Time II

Duration 72 Months

Ideal for students who would like to take their time completing their course on top of their job and everyday life and keep down the monthly costs of their studies.

209€ /mtl 219€ Enrol by October 6th using the code MUTIGSEIN22, save 1.444€ & get a free iPad.  Apply now
Additional charges
All our study programmes include the following services
  • Free trial phase of four weeks

  • Access to online libraries

  • Personal assistance from lecturers

  • Online campus with innovative study tools

  • Access to Statista and LinkedIn Learning

  • Individual study and career coaching

  • Online exams around the clock

  • License for Microsoft Office and Teams

  • Flexible extension of study duration


Recognition of previous achievements

Have you already completed a training course, studied at a university or gained work experience? Then you have the opportunity to get your previous achievements recognised. By doing so, you save time and tuition fees – namely €30 per recognised ECTS point.

  • Shortening your period of study: Skip individual modules or whole semesters!
  • Save on tuition fees: You’ll save €30 for every recognised ECTS point

Even before you apply for an online study programme, we’ll gladly check whether we can take your previous achievements into account: 100% online, no strings attached. Simply fill in our online recognition form.

Send an email to to find out which previous achievements you can get recognised. Make sure you send your application before the end of your 1-month trial. You can get your previous achievements recognised during your studies. However, we can no longer grant you a cost reduction after the end of the trial month.

Get achievements recognised
Do you need help with your application for recognition? Our student advisors will be happy to help. Simply arrange a personal call-back appointment.

Entry requirements

We make it happen: At IU you can easily start your desired study programme at any time. There is no limited amount of students we admit and your degree will be globally recognised!
With Secondary School Diploma
Without Secondary School Diploma
Optional English skills
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