Taking out a loan for your studies: What's in it for you?

Your financing options

Study loans are a popular option for students to cover the cost of their education. In addition, many loans can be combined with other funding. You apply for them online. 

The KfW-Förderbank for example offers you a long-term student loan as well as a loan for the final phase (Bildungskredit) of your studies. You can also apply to Deutsche Bildung AG for student financing

KfW study loan

  • income-independent 

  • no collateral needed 

  • amount: up to 650€/month 

  • flexible payout and payoff rates 

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KfW Bildungskredit (final phase)

  • income-independent 

  • no collateral needed 

  • amount: 100, 200 or 300€/month 

  • one-time payment of partial sum possible 

  • Additional, supplementary or postgraduate studies (full-time only)

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Deutsche Bildung AG

  • income-independent 

  • no collateral needed  

  • amount: up to 30.000€  

  • monthly or one-time payment 

  • payoff-rate depends on income 

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How your investment will pay off

Improve your salary prospects
A degree increases your chances for a higher salary, which will make your loan easier to pay off. 

Unleash your potential
A study loan gives you the freedom to develop professionally – or reinvent yourself. 

Upgrade your career prospects
You acquire skills that can advance your career and lead to more responsibility. 

The KfW student loan

Which programmes are funded?

You can receive funding for any bachelor’s and master’s programme at IU International University of Applied Sciences – even as a part-time student. After completing your bachelor’s degree, you can receive further funding for your master’s programme. In addition, you can combine your student loan with a loan for the final phase of your studies or with state funding (BAföG). 

KFW Application*

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Who can receive funding?

You can apply if you are no older than 44 years old at the time funding starts. In addition, you should have German citizenship and be registered at a German address. Alternatively, you must be an EU-citizen and resident of Germany for the past three years. Or you are a foreign student, have acquired your university entrance qualification in Germany and are registered at a German address. 

How much will I receive? 

Depending on your needs, you can apply for monthly payouts between 100 € and 650 € (independent of your income or assets). You can change the amount within this range each semester. Depending on how many semesters you study, the maximum payout sum varies. 

From applying to paying it off: how the KfW student loan works

Step 1: Apply online & Receive payout

Hand in your KfW application fast and easy online via or partner meinBafög.* You can receive up to 650€ per month. 

*Note: This link leads to an external website.

Step 2: Grace period

You can put off repayment for between 18 and 23 months (6 months on request). If you haven’t opted for deferral of interest, you only pay off the interest on your loan during this time. 

Step 3: Pay off loan

Pay off your loan in monthly rates (repayment + interest) within up to 25 years or until age 67 at a rate of at least 20 €. 

Sample calculation*:

Let’s say you want to do a bachelor’s in Social Work and finish quickly. You pay 379 € per month in tuition fees**. Of this, 160 € come out of your savings. You can take out a KfW loan for the remaining 219 €.   


Start your studies carefree: During the disbursement phase, you receive a monthly payment and do not have to pay any interest. Monthly disbursement: 219 €  


Take a breather: After graduating, you want to hold off for 12 months on repaying your loan. You will only have to pay a small amount of interest. Monthly interest: 60 €  


Pay back your loan flexibly: For example, you can decide to pay off the loan in full within three years. Monthly amount: 250 €  


*Last updated in Nov 2023. Please note: The interest rate is variable and based on the 6-month EURIBOR (European Interbank Offered Rate). It is fixed on April 1st and October 1st for six months each. All amounts in EUR are examples and have been rounded for better presentation.   
**after deduction of the student’s discount, full-time bachelor’s in Social Work Bachelor (36 months). 

Other funding options

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