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As Germany's first university of applied sciences, we have developed our own study AI for you, to help you do even better in your studies. Syntea supports you reliably and 24/7 – exactly the way it suits you and your learning style.

Syntea is there to support you flexibly and efficiently when studying. At any time, you can ask questions about the script – and receive answers that are verified by our faculty members. Plus, you can test your knowledge: Syntea will ask you targeted questions about your study material.

How Syntea helps you study

Study successfully

Deepen your knowledge more efficiently – and go into your exam with confidence.

24/7 individual support

Test yourself and get answers to questions about the script – right when you need them.

Verified answers

You can rely on the accuracy of the answers, as they are verified by our faculty members.

How to use Syntea

Q&A Feature: Get answers to your questions

Available 24/7

The Q&A feature lets you ask questions about the script around the clock.


Syntea will answer you immediately and show you the relevant sections in the script. This helps you target weak spots.

Verified quality

You can rely on Syntea. All answers are verified by our faculty members.

Pre-Assessment Feature: Test your knowledge


Syntea can ask you questions about the entire script. This way, you can make sure you’ve understood everything.


You can see which parts of your answer were right or wrong. You will see exactly which contents you should revise.


Syntea tracks your progress and shows you how much you've already achieved.

Q&A – Key features at a glance

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