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All the IT knowledge you need wrapped up in one study programme. This master’s focuses on two topics: DevOps – meaning the integration of software development (dev) and IT operations (ops). And Cloud Computing – meaning the storage and management of data within a network. The combination of these topics tackles the increasing digitisation of the workplace and enables the creation of more flexbile IT infrastructure. Students are supplied with the knowledge necessary to plan and direct DevOps culture in various companies. This helps relieve teams, improve agility and effectiveness – and establish a better company culture.

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Study programme & degree

M.Sc., 120 ECTS credits
Language: en
Full-time or part-time, 100% flexible

Application & starting date

Start from today or anytime Online application, no application deadline

Study duration & extension

24, 36, 48 months, depending on model Extension possible free of charge


Study programme independent of time & place No mandatory attendance Innovative study tools available on online-campus & in the IU Learn App Exams online or at nearest examination centre

Study fees

Starting at 329€/month, depending on model Regular discount campaigns

Recognition & Approval

Study program is state-approved, accredited & internationally renowned 120 ECTS - EN: AR-Siegel, ZFU: 1157523
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Study content

In the distance learning programme, you combine the skills from DevOps with cloud computing. In addition to DevOps and cloud computing, you also deal with topics such as serverless computing and container orchestration. With modules such as Agile Software Development Techniques and Design Thinking, you learn to implement agile working methods. In addition, you will expand your knowledge in modules such as Computer Science and Society, Cyber Security and Data Protection and Cyber Risk Assessment and Management. Sharpen your know-how even more: In your elective modules, you focus on IT Law for IT Security and Machine Learning and Deep Learning, for example.

Your professional future as a professional in DevsOps and Cloud Computing

As a professional in DevOps and Cloud Computing, you can expect excellent career prospects with good opportunities for advancement. After graduation, you can work as a ...

DevOps (Cloud) Engineer

DevOps/MLOps Consultant

(Multi-)Cloud Solution Architect

Study model and prices for the Master's online study programme in DevOps and Cloud Computing

Depending on your personal or professional situation, full-time study is not always easy to manage. That is why we have also developed part-time programmes for all our degrees, which offer flexible and longer study periods. This way, you can study alongside your job or during your time off, whether at home or abroad. The content of the different models is identical. Depending on the study model, we will adjust your tuition fees accordingly. With the part-time variants, your weekly study workload is reduced.

Can't finish your degree in the allotted time? No problem! We will develop the right study model for everyone. If you realise that you need more time, you can easily switch to another study model with three months’ notice before the end of the month. These are our different study models:

Only until 05.10.2023
Duration 48 Months
Perfect for students who want to hit the ground running and shorten the period of study by increasing their studying pace.




Enrol in your preferred study programme by October 5th and use the code WELLE23 to secure several benefits.
Only until 05.10.2023
Part-Time I
Dauer 36 Monate
Excellent for talented all-rounders who want to give their studies everything they’ve got while holding down a job and keeping down their monthly costs at the same time.




Enrol in your preferred study programme by October 5th and use the code WELLE23 to secure several benefits.
Only until 05.10.2023
Part-Time II
Dauer 48 Monate
Ideal for students who would like to take their time completing their course on top of their job and everyday life and keep down the monthly costs of their studies.




Enrol in your preferred study programme by October 5th and use the code WELLE23 to secure several benefits.

Free trial phase of four weeks*

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Flexible extension of study duration

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Zugang zu Online-Bibliotheken

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*The fees for this period only apply if you continue your studies with us. Additional charges

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Distance learning
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Recognition of Achievements

Have you already completed a training course, studied at a university or gained work experience? Then you have the opportunity to get your previous achievements recognised. By doing so, you save time and tuition fees – namely €30 per recognised ECTS point.

  • Shortening your period of study: Skip individual modules or whole semesters!

  • Save on tuition fees: You’ll save €30 for every recognised ECTS point

Even before you apply for an online study programme, we’ll gladly check whether we can take your previous achievements into account: 100% online, no strings attached. Simply fill in our online recognition form.

Send an email to study@iu.org to find out which previous achievements you can get recognised. Make sure you send your application before the end of your 1-month trial. You can get your previous achievements recognised during your studies. However, we can no longer grant you a cost reduction after the end of the trial month.

Online recognition

Do you need support with your application for recognition? We have summarized all the important information for you in our guide to recognition.

Admission requirements

We make it possible: At IU International University you can start your desired study program - without NC, state-recognised, with or without a general A-level!

Why IU is the best choice

Personalised & flexible

You get to study whenever, however and wherever you want – thanks to our digital campus, flexible full- and part-time models and exams you can sit online at any time. You even decide when to start your studies!

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Our study programmes are state-approved and multi-award-winning. That makes us and our students happy – according to Fernstudiencheck.de, they are 96% likely to recommend us.

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Get the support you need: via our online campus, you can participate in live sessions, chat with fellow students or benefit from our study and career coaching.

Practically oriented

Thanks to our wide selection of practically oriented specialisations, you can create your own profile and develop skills for the career you’re dreaming of.
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Apply now and start your studies within a few hours – or choose any starting date that suits you. You can try us out for 1 month without commitment. We only charge you for this month if you continue with us.


You'll find all of the important information about your study programme and IU International University of Applied Sciences in your personal brochure.

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Comments on our distance learning programme


Flexibilität ist der Schlüssel

Ich bin Leistungssportlerin und viel unterwegs, deshalb ist es mir nicht möglich neben meinem Beruf ein Präsenzstudium zu absolvieren und neben meiner Karriere etwas für meine Zukunft zu tun. Die IU macht es mir aber möglich, mein Studium selbst am anderen Ende der Welt zu absolvieren. Natürlich habe ich manchmal weniger Zeit, aber durch die Möglichkeit der flexiblen Planung des Studiums, kann ich mir die Module zeitlich so einteilen, wie ich es möchte.


Gesundheitspsychologie (B.Sc.)

Verfasst am 13.07.2022 auf fernstudiumcheck.de

Alter: 14-25

Studienstart: 2020


Einwandfreie Betreuung und aktuelle Studieninhalte

Die Betreuung während der gesamten Studienzeit (dank Corona und Homeschooling insgesamt 3,5 Jahre) war stets einwandfrei. Egal ob ich telefonische Hilfe beim Studierendensekretariat suchte, mich per E-Mail an das Prüfungsamt wandte oder via Microsoft Teams mit den Dozierenden und Professorinnen Kontakt hatte. Das Feedback kam stets in angemessener Zeit und mir wurde immer sehr umfangreich geholfen. In Bezug auf die Studieninhalte kann ich sagen, dass diese stets sehr aktuell waren (z. B. New Work) und die Studienhefte bereits im Kalenderjahr 2021 teilweise bereits die Auswirkungen der Corona-Pandemie thematisierten. Insgesamt kann ich die IU als Fernstudienpartner uneingeschränkt empfehlen.


Personalmanagement (B.A.)

Verfasst am 10.06.2022 auf fernstudiumcheck.de

Alter: 41-50

Studienstart: 2019


Nur positive Erfahrungen - gerne wieder!

Es gab nur positive Erfahrungen! Das Studium war abwechslungsreich und interessant gestaltet. Hatte man Fragen, wurden diese sofort beantwortet. Ebenfalls positiv ist, dass man komplett flexibel ist und es keine Präsenzveranstaltungen gibt. Das Fernstudium ist nur weiterzuempfehlen!


Finanzmanagement (B.A.)

Verfasst am 13.07.2022 auf fernstudiumcheck.de

Alter: 26-30

Studienstart: 2017

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