The best tips for self-organisation in your distance learning

Self-organisation made easy: how to study more efficiently

With good self-organisation, you will not only achieve your learning goals successfully, but also in a stress-free way. This gives you more time for other things in life that are important to you. Here, we have compiled helpful tips for you on time planning, learning methods and learning environment. We also show you interesting apps that improve your time management even more.

Effective time management

Overview of successful methods for time planning

Forget about not having the time! If you take a structured approach, you can organise your everyday life in such a way that your studies are optimally integrated – alongside family, friends or work. You don't have to plan your day down to the smallest detail. This is because effective time management does not require lengthy deliberations, but proven methods that are as simple as they are successful.

Setting priorities according to the Eisenhower Matrix
Time management with the ALPEN method

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Optimal learning environment

Create the ideal workplace for your studies

Last but not least, you need the right learning environment in order to really accelerate your learning. The right workplace depends on several factors that you can actively influence. We show you how to set up a learning environment in which you can make optimal progress.

Desk and chair
Lighting at the workplace
Regular and proper ventilation
Quiet for more concentration
Deliberate separation of leisure and work areas
Limit distractions
Create study rituals
Have working materials ready
Clean environment for concentrated learning
Studying outside your own home
Effective learning

The best learning methods

Which learning method is the most effective depends on your personality and your individual learning type. In the following, we will introduce you to tried and tested methods and provide you with valuable learning tips – including popular tools that we offer specifically for your distance learning at IU. Just try out which learning methods and tools work best for you!

Be able to do more: Your Interactive Book

The Interactive Book is your study script in e-book form and an ideal aid for self-organisation in your distance learning: This is because it helps you to learn in a structured way by answering self-monitoring questions after each unit. The solutions are then displayed directly to you. You can also take digital notes with the Interactive Book. The best part: It is also available offline and can be synchronised with all your devices.

Helpful learning videos

For certain courses, learning videos are available to illustrate formulas, theories and terms or case studies from your script. In the videos, your tutor will explain complex content and show you what to expect on the course. This effectively promotes your learning progress.

Studying with flashcards
Loci method

4 tips for successful studying

Study tip 1: Set yourself smart goals!

Set clear goals for your study units and record them in writing. They spur you on and give you new motivation with every item you can tick off your list.

Make sure that your goals are SMART

  • Specific

    Make your goals as specific as possible. 
    Example: Edit marketing script. 

  • Measurable

    Express your goals in measurable terms.
    Example: Work on pages 55-57 in the Marketing script.

  • Appealing

    Formulate your goals in such a way that you really feel like achieving them.
    Example: Work on pages 55-57 in the Marketing script to get a good grade in the exam.

  • Realistic

    Make sure that your goal is feasible for you.
    Example: Work on pages 55-57 in the Marketing script to achieve a grade of 1.7 in the exam.

  • Time-bound

    Plan your goals within a fixed period of time.
    Example: Work through pages 55-57 in the Marketing script by tomorrow to achieve a grade of 1.7 in the exam.

Learning tip 2: Repeat what you have learned!
Learning tip 3: Take meaningful breaks!
Learning tip 3: Reward yourself for your performance!
Useful apps

The best online tools for your studies

Have you lost track of the number of apps available? We have put together 11 of the most helpful studying and productivity apps for you. They will help you organise your studying more efficiently and save valuable time.

IU Learn – How learning works today

Our study app IU Learn gives you everything you need to achieve your study goals even better and more independently. Whether online or offline, on your iPad, mobile phone or desktop: With over 600 scripts from all study programmes, integrated keyword search and more than 14,000 interactive knowledge tests, the app is 100% tailored to your needs.

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Always connected: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams ensures that you stay in contact with your teachers, tutors and fellow students wherever you are. You can connect with your fellow students via online forums. In addition, our Student Registrar’s Office (Studierendensekretariat) and Study Coaches are available to answer any questions you may have about planning and organising your studies.

Perfectly organised: Digital to-do lists and calendars
Exclude distraction: Forest makes it possible
At a glance: Manage notes
Work on documents – without paperwork
Create flashcards digitally
Skilfully deepen your knowledge